Plant tissue culture laboratory plays a role in improving the quality and quantity of biodiversity (biodiversity index) in the Badak LNG environment. In addition, since 2017 the tissue culture laboratory has received study visits from junior and senior high school students, as well as internship participants for the CSR program in the capacity building sector of Badak LNG to support education programs and improve the quality of human resources in Bontang City. In 2021, tissue culture laboratory has also held training on orchid cultivation for Badak LNG’s community development program, Masdarling (Masyarakat Sadar Lingkungan) village.

Not only being active in endangered plant conservation and educational activities, Badak LNG’s plant culture laboratory has also created a patent on the use of organic plant tissue culture media. In an effort to conduct environmental-friendly plant cultivation, Badak LNG created an innovation about tissue culture media based on compost extract and young coconut water. Organic media can be a safe substitute for synthetic (chemical based) plant tissue culture media. The use of organic media can be applied to the propagation of orchid explants, such as black orchids, dendrobium orchids, Phalaenopsis orchids and can significantly reduce hazardous chemical waste.

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