Conservation Forest

Conservation Forest Flora

Badak LNG's conservation forest is a home for many exotical and eyecatching flora of East Kalimantan. From the common vegetation to the rarest and protected trees, all of those chlorophyll bearing organism are united to form a sustainable environment, providing complex food web mechanism and beneficial to a lot of local fauna.

Conservation Forest Fauna

Safe and sound is the perfect words to describe Badak LNG's conservation forest area. Even though located near industrial site, local animals can still roaming and live undisturbed in their habitat. From the studies and intensive observations, there are several types of animals which can be found in Badak LNG's conservation forest: Mammal, avifauna, reptilia, amphibian, insect, and freshwater fish.

Conservation Forest Mushrooms

Fungi is a remarkable organism with unique saprobic life cycle. This kingdom is often mistaken as plants, in fact, they've been put on a distinct classification because the absence of chlorophyll. An observation conducted at Badak LNG's Conservation Forest has revealed huge varieties of mushroom, which can be found living associated with root plants, on decaying woods, or associated with termite's underground nest.
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