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For over 4 decades of operation, Badak LNG has become an integral part of Bontang society. Badak LNG has consistently played an active role in community development through CSR programs known as COMDEV (Community Development). Currently, Comdev Badak LNG program is increasingly aimed at creating self-reliance and empowerment of both economic and social society.
One of the keys to the success of Badak LNG is the characteristic of community development programs that are also related to environmental conservation. The key lies in achieving environmental excellence has been the creation of shared values.
Since 2011, these programs have not only been charity, but also succeeded in creating a value based on multi-stakeholder collaboration so that monitoring from various aspects has been able to support the sustainability of the community development programs undertaken
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Badak LNG focuses on four pillars: Empowerment Program, Capacity Building Program, Charity Program and Infrastructure Program. The main focus of Badak LNG is in empowerment program or community empowerment with main focus is expected to be realized in the community around ring 1, ring 2, and ring 3 and outside the ring that participated as partners of Badak LNG become independent community. Badak LNG encourages the readiness of the assisted partners and the community around the company to face the post-oil.

Principles for Implementing Corporate Social Resposibility


  • Community Empowerment
    Community empowerment surrounding the Company’s operating environment is PT Badak NGL’s main activity in terms of corporate social responsibility. In line with the role of PT Badak NGL as a world class company, character building and skilled human resources (HR) are the key to the success of the Company.

    PT Badak NGL applies the same philosophy in developing human resources in the community in order to empower them to become a more self-reliant and independent community in their lives.

    To that end, PT Badak NGL runs a variety of community empowerment programs by supporting small business, providing capitals for business, providing skill training in their respective fields, teaching planned and organized work patterns, instilling a high work ethic, and helping develop their businesses. From year to year, community empowerment efforts by PT Badak NGL are increasingly reaping encouraging results. Several PT Badak NGL assisted business groups have developed into independent cooperative activities and are able to finance their activities from the turnover. Even in the last two years, PT Badak NGL won the award as the Best MSME Developer, which underlined the seriousness of the Company’s efforts to encourage national development.

    Other than through community empowerment, PT Badak NGL’s social responsibility is also realized through three other fields of activity, namely:


  • Infrastructure
    It is a program that responds to the needs of the local community for urgent facilities and infrastructure, including assistance of infrastructure related to natural disaster recovery.


  • Capacity Improvement
    It is a program aimed at fulfilling the needs of the community to increase the capacity of both their formal and non-formal knowledge and skills.


  • Charity
    The program implemented is to meet the needs of the local community in aspects of health, religion, sports, and cultural arts.

    In planning and implementing community development programs, PT Badak NGL involves the local communities and organizations, various companies that are related to the program, universities, and relevant government bodies.

    This community development program is carried out with the PDCA system (Plan, Do, Check, Action) that is well documented and includes ten different stages of activities

Vision & Mission of CSR Program

  • Vision
    Becoming the World-class reference in the implementation of corporate social responsibility
  • Mission
    Implementating an independent and environmentally-sound community empowerment program, and taking an active role in community development that will ultimately create shared value for stakeholders

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