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Technical  Services

Technical Services

Badak LNG experts are ready to provide Troubleshooting & Repair Service, Feasibility Study, FEED, DED, EPC, and  consulting service related to LNG/LPG plant …

LNG Plant Operation & Maintenance

LNG Plant Operation & Maintenance

Badak LNG provides Commissioning and Start-Up Assistance (CSUA) as well as operational readiness services for peer LNG companies ...

Badak LNG Learning Center

Badak LNG Learning Center

Badak LNG Learning Center provides various training program such as: Operator Training. Maintenance Training, Firefighting & Rescue Training, …

Research & Development

Research & Development

Badak LNG has conducted various studies for research & development: lean gas study, dual HHV study, mini LNG plant, hybrid power plant & more to come.



Badak LNG also share their experience and expertise in LNG/LPG plant operation through Public Training. Check for upcoming Public Training

Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi (LSP)

Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi (LSP)

Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi Badak LNG is licensed by BNSP which collaborate with OPITO. Certificate issued by BNSP can be used in several European

LNG Academy

LNG Academy

LNG Academy is a full scholarship Diploma (D3) program established in 2011 by Badak LNG in collaboration with Politeknik Negeri Jakarta (PNJ)

Our Facilities
Technical Services
Troubleshooting & Repair
Badak LNG provide troubleshooting & repair service of LNG and LPG facilities that include skilled and experienced workforce.

Feasibility Study
Badak LNG is experienced and is ready to provide services in conducting feasibility study including: conceptual design, commercial study, legal, etc.

Badak LNG has experience in carrying out FEED, DED, and EPC for projects related to gas and LNG/LPG.

LNG Experts
Badak LNG has expertise in the LNG industry as a consultant.
LNG Plant Operation & Maintenance
O&M Services

  • Develop maintenance management system
  • Design organizational structures and manpower planning
  • Develop HSEQ management systems for reliable and safe plant management;
  • Run/operate train professionally;
  • Develop supporting management systems such as marine operations, security management systems, spare part management, HR management systems, IT management systems, etc.
Commissioning & Start-Up Assistance

  • Assist client and provide advisory to ensure smooth pre-commissioning & commissioning process of the LNG/LPG plant
  • Assist client to conduct plant start-up safely
  • Develop commissioning procedure as well as safe and reliable start-up and shutdown procedure.

Badak LNG Learning Center

Operator Training

18-months hands-on training program divided into 3 sessions:

Class Room Course (3 months),
On the Job Training (3 months), Job Specific Training at Plant Operation Area (12 months).

The program can be customized based on client’s need. Graduates will be ready to work as field operators in LNG Plant.

Maintenance Training

18-months hands-on training program divided into 3 sessions:

Class Room Course (3 months),
On the Job Training (3 months), Hands-On Maintenance Training (12 months).

The program can be customized based on client’s need.

Graduates will be ready to work as technicians/mechanics in LNG Plant.

Firefighting & Rescue Training

Badak LNG has great successes in personalizing competent firefighter through this training program.

Supported with experiences and comprehensive facilities, Badak LNG offers the opportunity for firefighter from other companies to improve their competencies through real LNG and hydrocarbon firefighting.

Laboratory Analysis Training

Badak LNG provides training program for Laboratory Analyst such as: ISO 17025, Gas Chromatograph, Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, and Sampling Method.

LNG Plant
Turn Around Training

Shutdown process is an important step in maintaining the reliability of plant operations. Therefore, shutdown implementation requires qualified personnel.

Badak LNG has extensive experience in the implementation of shutdown process with brilliant results. Badak LNG uses these experiences to develop qualified personnel.

LNG Plant Production Training

This training program aims to help companies that will carry out LNG production planning activities that involve coordination from upstream to buyer.

Marine Operation Training

This training program provides training in the operation of marine facilities which consist of on-shore facilities (ports, jetties, and loading dock) and offshore facilities (sea signs, tug boats, and mooring boats).

Badak LNG’s marine facilities have complied with ISPS (International Ship and Port Security) code and have been used to conduct training related to the compliance with ISPS port management system.

Tug Boat & Mooring Boat Docking Maintenance Training

Badak LNG has carried out docking activities for tug boats and mooring boats since 2013 at a dockyard built in the Badak LNG area.

The system developed by Badak LNG to perform this activity is valuable for companies which own tug boat and mooring boat facilities.

Research & Development

Badak LNG has conducted various studies for research and development: lean gas study, dual HHV study, mini LNG plant, hybrid power plant, and more to come.

   Lean Gas Study

  • Starting on May 2017, Badak LNG has received new lean gas supply which comes along with a lot of plant operational challenges. Badak LNG successfully processed this lean feed gas supply with the safe, reliable, and efficient plant operation by implementing any kind of plant adjustment, and plant optimization. Badak LNG is ready for sharing this challenging experience to the world

   Dual HHV Study

  • The new Lean gas supply to Badak LNG Plant raises an issue of LNG HHV reduction which potentially may not be able to meet the existing contract specification. Badak LNG successfully managed this condition by transforming the plant operation from single LNG HHV production to Dual HHV production with two LNG product quality which is the first in the world.

   Mini LNG Plant

  • Badak LNG do some research to develop Mini LNG Pilot Plant as the strategic project to catch the future business opportunity for processing natural gas in the small gas field spread throughout Indonesia area.

   Hybrid Power Plant

  • Supporting the Indonesia government program in renewable energy, Badak LNG has initiated the small scale hybrid renewable energy project. The small scale hybrid renewable energy is the combination of Wind Power and Solar Panel with total capacity is 2,000 W.

Public Training Calendar

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Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi (LSP)
Professional Certification Agency


To strengthen the competence and capability of its workers, Badak LNG has formed Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi (LSP, Professional Certification Agency) licensed by Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi (BNSP, National Body of Profession Standardization). LSP Badak LNG currently has 86 certification schemes and is supported by assessors collaborated with the Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization (OPITO)

LSP Badak LNG conduct assessments for employees, partners, trainees and third parties. Certificates issued by LSP Badak LNG not only apply at the national level but also at the ASEAN and international levels.

Key Features in Badak LNG Services:
1. Professional and experienced personnel in LNG industry
2. Real equipment, full scale LNG plant and workshop that provide real experience in operating and maintaining LNG plant
LNG Academy

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